About Us

IMG_9342Mint Body Fitness is a private fitness studio with professional and friendly trainers to welcome you to a fresh start at life. Clear cut training, no gimmicks or extra charges.

We focus on one-on-one personal training using strength training, weight management strategies, core specific workouts, muscle toning, and improving balance for the average person.

We get to know each client and find out their background to help develop goals then customize a fitness program to match their fitness level. We focus on safe techniques and a slow workout pace for beginners. We keep the workouts fun, challenging, and efficient to save time.

We motivate our clients and support them in and out of the studio through emails, text, and phone calls seven days a week.




“Elite Trainer” Mike C. (Certified Personal Trainer by I.S.S.A.) with over 20 years experience in sports, fitness, weight training, law enforcement, and martial arts. Mike is very patient, respectful, and an attentive trainer. He has also fully recovered from back surgery and along the way learned many techniques and lessons to strengthen his core. He became a well rounded trainer who has helped dozens of people become fit, healthier, and stronger.



Our new facility conveniently located in East Honolulu.

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