Reverse or slow aging with weight training

l_057At some point in your 30s, you begin to lose muscle mass and function, a condition known as age-related sarcopenia or sarcopenia with aging. People who are physically inactive can lose as much as 3% to 5% of their muscle mass per decade after age 30. Even if you are active, you will still experience some muscle loss.

Sarcopenia typically accelerates around age 75 — although it may happen in people age 65 or 80 — and is a factor in the occurrence of frailty and the likelihood of falls and fractures in older adults.

Symptoms of muscle loss include musculoskeletal weakness and loss of stamina, which can interfere with physical activity. Reduced physical activity, in turn, further reduces muscle mass.

*source WebMD

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Common misconceptions of weight loss and getting healthier

Here we dispel the top five misconceptions the average person has about living healthier.

Royalty-Free (RF) Clipart Illustration of a Purple Man Design Ma1. You don’t need 20 or more exercise machines to get an effective workout.

2. You don’t need to take excessive amounts of protein or supplements to lose weight.

3. You don’t need to starve or change to a vegan diet to lose weight.

4. You don’t need to run or jog to do cardio for hours at a time to lose weight.

5. You don’t need to throw around heavy weights like “crossfit” to lose weight.

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